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Handicap Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

There are a great variety of all kinds of handicap bathroom fixtures and fittings available to transform an ordinary, dull facility into a truly astonishing place to pamper oneself depite any physical limitations present.

While it's a real adventure planning, designing and creating a brand new handicap bathroom from the beginning and seeing it come into existence through your own work and diligence, once the final room has been completed and all the necessary furnishings are in place and functional, the room is still not quite complete.

To round things off, you will still need to add those finishing touches that transform a mere facility into a real bathroom.

There are many accessories that can be added to the carefully designed and finished bathroom and these include some smaller yet still important handicapped bathroom fixtures that go into completeness the decor and creating an inviting and welcoming space to enjoy.

I know that sounds like creating somewhere you are only ever going to perform the necessary activities of cleanliness and bodily needs, but that doesn't mean you can't do these things in a welcoming room that is finished to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be.

Making Aesthetic Improvements

Nice touches such as small extending mirrors attached to walls in places where they will get a lot of use are the order of the day and not tucked away in a corner never to be looked at twice.

Ample towel racks set at just the right height so the towels can be easily got at when needed.

Holders for moist wipes for those times when a minor and quick cleanup is needed without the need for using soap and water. For that matter, soap holders and liquid soap dispensers should be positioned so that a wheelchair user can easily reach over and use them by sinks and vanity units.

Shower Specific

In the shower, a rack for putting shampoo, shower gel, soap and any other products that the user likes to use should be placed for easy access.

It should also have a wide enough shelf or shelves so items can be picked up and set back without knocking over other items because they have been crammed in together for lack of space.

The main thing to bear in mind when making any alterations or improvements to a shower enclosure is to keep the idea of having plenty of space to move in the forefront of your plans. Free movement is a real booster when it comes to enjoying a shower for anyone.


If you intend to install a bathtub, there are a number of handicap-related options open to you.

First is a walk-in bathtub designed with a side door to facilitate entering and exiting without the need to climb over a side wall. These tend to be quite expensive, but it can be money well spent to have peace of mind that the user's safety is catered for.

A regular bathtub can be installed along with a suitable adjustable step stool alongside to enable easy climbing in and out of the tub. There are some good stools on t he market with some of the hier end models including sturdy grab rails for maximum safety when getting in or out of the tub, as well as non-slip surface on the step itself.


It's all about using some imagination and creative thought as well as practicality for placement in the perfect places that makes the right handicap bathroom fixtures to complete the room just perfect.

Originally posted: July 12, 2010