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Handicap Scooters

It's a fact that handicap scooters are a marvel of modern invention when it comes to providing a mobility option for those people with disabilities or the elderly who have trouble getting around otherwise.

Let's look at the advantages of owning one and uses it can be put to in everyday life.

The first thing you'll notice about the out and out versatility of modern electric mobility scooters is that they have long battery lives and that means a much longer range than older models ever had.

Being battery powered, they are clean and actually environmentally friendly in that they don't directly cause any air pollution.

Ease of Use

This is a really important thing these days. The other major advantage of battery power is that it makes them really easy for people to use.

You simply plug them in to an electricity outlet overnight and you wake up to a fully charged mobility scooter that will take you around the place for most of the day.

So back to that range benefit. If you live one or two miles from any stores, getting to them without one of these excellent handicap scooters would have been a real chore. You probably would have had to have asked a friend, neighbor or family member to help you, drive you to and from the stores or get your shopping for you.

Freedom to Travel

Not any more. These mobility scooters give a new lease of life and freedom to come and go as you please without feeling that you are a burden to anyone else.

This single aspect of owning a handicap scooter probably far outweighs all other considerations. It gives you your dignity back while allowing you to get around in your own time without having to fit in with another person's schedule.

So a trip to the shops is a breeze even if they are two or so miles away, as a modern mobility scooter can easily take that return distance in its stride. They are capable of a reasonable speed too, such as a fast walking pace, so it doesn't take you ages to get to where you're going either!

Social Visits

They are perfect for visiting friends that were previously too far away for you to walk if you were even able to do that unaided.

It is certainly far superior to pushing yourself in a wheelchair, of having someone else push you.

The cost of mobility scooters has also come down in recent years making them far more affordable for folks that need them. If you're considering buying one, do some research first and if you can, get a knowledgeable person to come along with you so you get the best quality machine you can afford and don't fall prey to any smooth talking salesmen who have no conscience!

Originally posted: November 19, 2009