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Stair Lift Prices Revealed

People who are having trouble getting up and down stairs can read this and find out about stair lift prices and solutions for their home that really can make a difference.

The main reason for installing a stair chair is to access the upper floors of your home, which can otherwise become out of reach when climbing stairs has become extremely difficult or not possible.

The Price of Stair Lifts

Prices for new installations will vary enormously between manufacturers and suppliers, so some shopping around is necessary to get the best quotes.

But before you opt for the cheapest, do check out the company or companies that you are thinking to use. This is a valid precaution to ensure you don’t get tricked into buying a cheaply made or shoddy device that will end up costing you more in the long run.

I would recommend you opt for a well known brand, such as Ameriglide and you won’t go far wrong. You can expect to pay from around $1,900 for entry level lifts such as the Ameriglide Rave and up to $6,000 for their Platinum models that are fully customizable and can navigate bends and corners in stairs.

Please note that these prices are taken from the 2013 price list and are approximate and may change without notice.

Why a Stairlift?

Not everyone has an easy time of getting up or down the stairs in their home, which is why a solution had to be found that was easy to use and very accessible by people with all kinds of physical disabilities and limitations.

The simple design of the stair chair lift won the day and has been in use for many years by many thousands of people who can now enjoy the freedom to make use of all of their homes and not just the ground floor.

I have found that stair lifts really are total simplicity itself to use. A user merely sits on the chair, then operates the device with a simple lever to go up or down depending upon where they are starting from.

How Stair Lifts Work

That means if you’re starting at the base of the stairs then you’re going to want to go up, right?

And if you’re already upstairs cause you got there using the chairlift, then you’re going to want to go down again. Yeah, I know that was pretty simplistic, but you’d be amazed at how some folks scratch their heads at the simplest of things.

The mechanics behind this useful apparatus is also fairly simple, whereby the chair is attached to the electrically powered motor below, which is in turn attached to a rail along which it travels the length of the stair way. There are very few moving parts meaning that maintenance is kept to a minimum and the unit is generally problem free and rarely requires calling anyone out to repair it.

I found some interesting reading on this very subject at another website here. Check it out if you have time cause it also has some great resources.

At the end of the day, I have to say that the stair lift is the perfect solution to anyone’s mobility problems in getting around all of their home. It sure helps my aging mother get around hers and so far as I am concerned it was worth every cent to get it installed in her home.

Originally posted: April 8,2013