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Adapted Eating Utensils with Long Handles

In this article I look at specially adapted eating utensils with long handles for people with limited reach or have restricted mobility in their arms and hands.

These adaptive utensils with longer than standard handles are helpful for increasing self-reliance when eating, raising confidence and fulfilment.

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long handle utensilsLet's take a look at what kinds of cutlery are available and how they can be of benefit to those with disabilities and mobility issues.

Long Handle Knives, Forks and Spoons

With their longer handles, these utensils are great for providing better more stable and comfortable grip and extended reach when eating.

They can be found on sale online to make it easy to get hold of them without needing to go out to the stores. Below I have provided a really convenient resource that may suit your needs.

Etac Long Handle Lightweight Utensils

If you suffer from impaired muscle strength in your arms and/or hands, the lengthened handles of these easting utensils help to relieve strain and improve grip.

With a specially designed rounded underside, the handles can prevent point pressure.

The cutlery, which is dishwasher safe, is made from stainless steel with plastic handles for easy cleaning and long life.

My personal recommendation is to buy from ″The Wright Stuff″ website. This is a long respected, trusted source of healthcare products that has been trading since 1999 and their 27,000 square foot facility is located in the owner's home town of Crystal Springs, MS.

Click the link below to go direct to their website page that details the Etac utensils:

Why You Need These Special Utensils

If you have trouble holding onto regular eating utensils with confidence or your grip is weak and you worry you might drop them, these longer handled alternatives can help.

A weakened grip in either hand can mean a greater chance of letting a fork or a spoon slip with embarrassing consequences. No matter what your situation, nobody wants to feel that way!

Longer handles mean better holding capacity, reducing the chances of dropping a utensil considerably. This is a great boost to your confidence to eat in company without mishap.

Pros and Cons:

Pros include:

Cons include:


When reduced mobility, weakened hand strength and poor grip reduce your confidence to eat with regular cutlery when there is a chance of dropping something, a better alternative is available.

Long handled cutlery that is both lightweight, easy to use and ergonomically comfortable to hold can be a game changer at mealtimes. The above utensils, which if you are curious, are made in Sweden, do just that.

They can easily be ordered online from a trusted online store that has been supplying all kinds of healthcare products and mobility aids for many years.

Posted on: January 5, 2024