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Upright Walkers for Seniors

When considering obtaining a secure walking aid, there are a number of upright walkers for seniors and those with problems walking with benefits that justify the cost.

They range in price and quality, with the cheaper models offering basic walking support and better quality models offering additional support option such as better stability, more features and even a cardio exercise option built-in.

According to numerous surveys, one model that comes highly recommended by users is the UP Walker Cardio Accelerator Upright Posture Walker.

This article takes a look at this specific model as well as explains the benefits and uses of upright walkers.

UP Walker Cardio Accelerator Upright Posture Walker Review

Let's look at this model that is growing in popularity among seniors and people with walking problems that could benefit from using it.

This model is an upright walking aid with an integral seat that has been designed to allow a user to walk upright comfortably while simultaneously performing upper body exercise.

It has reciprocating armrests that allow a wide range of invigorating motion for muscle groups in the arms, the back, the legs as well as the core and, importantly, the heart.

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The Walker in Use: Benefits

For users who have difficulty walking, this supportive walking aid provides increased stability and safety.

The unique dual motion resistance armrests pivot in a reciprocating motion, that provide a muscular workout for the arms and back.

The resistive up and down motion generates mild physical exercise for various muscle groups. These include:

This creates variable resistance arm motion and upper body exercise while walking or when stationary.

The main job of this walker is of course to enable users to walk upright with a safer, more secure posture when compared to other traditional walkers and rollators.

The height adjustable padded armrests extend or shorten, for comfortable support. This makes it possible for users of varying height to stand upright and tall while looking ahead with confidence and dignity.

Providing optimal wrist position, the hand grips easily pivot. They are comfortable to hold and feel secure even for those with a weaker grip and the ergonomic handbrakes make it easy to lock the brakes and provide confidence in the walker's control.

There is a comfortable fabric seat that has backrest support that slides front to back for enable sitting or walking as preferred.

There are four 8-inch, multi-terrain rubber wheels that move smoothly over bumps and uneven surfaces, with wheel locks on all four wheels and full, 360° swivel when unlocked.

The frame is a lightweight 27lbs that folds away for when not in use. It is very strong, rated to support up to 300lbs and comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

Accessories include a personal item bag, beverage holder and backrest support for sitting.


The only obvious downside to this model is its relatively high price when compared to standard models and cheaper imports.

With that said, the old adage of you get what you pay for holds particularly true here. The higher price is justified when you consider that you are getting a superior quality walker that is robust and designed to last a very long time, along with the additional cardio exercise features that are absent on cheaper models.

Where to Purchase the UP Walker Cardio Accelerator Upright Posture Walker

This walker can be purchased direct online from The Wright Stuff and comes with free shipping to mainland USA addresses (click the image link above to visit the vendor's webpage for more details).

What Are Upright Walkers?

Upright walkers and walking assistive devices that enable a person to walk and stand straight with handles and armrests that are positioned higher than a rollator.

To help reduce pressure and pain that may be otherwise experienced in the lower back, neck, arms, and wrists, upright walkers support the patient's weight on their forearms instead of their wrists and hands.

Due to the patient's center of gravity being higher than with a rollator, an upright walker must have have a wide enough base of support to prevent it tipping forward when the walker encounters a bump or crack in the sidewalk. Better quality models should have this consideration designed into them.

Summary: What to Look For in an Upright Walker

Be sure to select a model that matches your intended use, whether indoors, outdoors or both. Make sure that the seat is a comfortable fit and there is good back support.

Be wary of economy models that may appear as a good deal because of a low price because the quality may be questionable or a poorly designed unit may be potentially hazardous.

It's worth noting that upright walkers are covered as durable medical equipment under Medicare Part B. Medicare will pay for an upright walker as long as the supplier is enrolled with Medicare and the model passes the criteria for cost-effectiveness and medical necessity outlined on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website.

Posted on: October 2, 2023