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Handicap Lifts

There are many different types of handicap lifts that do an assortment of different jobs and help many people with disabilities to access places that without them they would be unable to.

They come in various forms and can be placed in a variety of situations depending upon the need for their placement.

Here we'll look at some of the different types of lifts that are specially designed with those who need them most.

Common Models

The most common type of lift that has been created for people with limited mobility is the home stair lift, that goes by several names such as a residential stair lift, a stair chair lift, chair lift for stairs, handicap stair lift, or just plain stairlift.

These are lifts that have a sturdy and comfortable chair attached to a motorized base which runs along a rail fitted to the stair risers or the wall adjacent to the steps of the staircase.

The idea is that the user sits on the chair and operates the lift with a lever to go up or down the stairs. It is a real help to people who were previously cut off from the upper floors of their home by the inability to climb the stairs unaided.

Wheelchair Accessible Lifts

Another type of lift is that designed specifically for wheelchairs and is generally called a wheelchair stair lift, or motorized wheelchair lift.

This is similar in principle to a stairlift, except instead of a chair, there is a horizontal platform for the wheelchair to roll onto, lock in place and be carried with its user remaining seated in the wheelchair, up or down the stairs.

They are excellent for wheelchair users who need to get to a different level in a building where an elevator is not feasible.

Vehicle Lifts

Another type is the vehicle lift which is fitted to a handicap van, MPV or RV. This variation on the common lift is used to lift wheelchair users in their regular wheel chairs or motorized wheelchairs into and out of a specially adapted motor vehicle for transportation to and from wherever they want to go.

This kind of handicap ramp is motorized, powered by an electric motor that takes its power from the vehicle battery and is a short scale lift that only needs to raise or lower the wheelchair into and out of the vehicle from the kerbside. These are suited to things like mobility scooters or wheelchairs in and out of vehicles.

Residential Stair Lifts

There are also specialized handicap stair lifts for a number of lifting operations.

These are suited to helping people with limited mobility get up and down short or long flights of stairs. There are also heavy duty models that are useful where greater weight lifting ability is needed, as in the case of overweight patients for the additional weight of the user.

Different applications exist where special adaptations of the regular stair lift or vehicle lift are used to meet the needs of the situation. They are perfect for providing people with disabilities and limited mobility the ability to access places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Originally posted: August 7, 2010