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Can You Rent a Stair Lift?

If you ever decided that you could really use a stair lift, but were at a loss to know how you were going to be able to afford to buy one, there is a cheaper option that is available to you. That option is to rent a stair lift.

Many people don’t even know that rental is a possibility with something as unusual and fixed as a residential stair chair lift, but you can rent just about anything you can also buy these days, and a handicap lift is one of them. But there are some issues that you need to know about before you go ahead and seek out a good rental company.

Figuring the Costs

The first issue is not so much the initial cost, but the on-going costs of renting a home stair lift. These can mount up month by month and if you are considering rental as a long term option, then it cam work out to be far more expensive than buying one. But of course, there is the catch 22. For folks that can’t afford the costs of buying, rental is an affordable alternative.

But the total costs will soar as the months go by and that is money being thrown away into the void because when you run out of money, the rental company repo men will come back and take your stair lift away.

Is there another alternative?


You can try a finance option, but again, for many people who need a stair lift, they are often elderly and do not qualify for finance. Another option is a community or charitable institution financial grant or loan. This is worth seeking out and while it may not meet the full cost of buying and installing a home stair chair, it may meet a goodly proportion of that cost, enabling you to pay the rest from your savings.

However, for the short term, stair lift rental is a cheap and affordable option that can be explored as long as you know you’ll be able to afford the monthly payments.

A Stair Chair Lift for Access to All of Your Home

For most people, the simple task of running up the stairs to go to the bathroom or off to bed is one that is taken for granted without a second thought. But for many people with disabilities, that one time simple feat of physical exertion is no longer quite as simple and in many cases nigh on impossible to do.

It was with this in view that the clever, albeit simple invention of the stair chair lift came into being and today the evolution of that device can be seen in many homes as well as public buildings where access to upper floors was formerly only possible via the stairs.

In the home, enjoying the free run of your own house is an important aspect to a fulfilling life and a basic right of every human being. The very thought of being restricted from visiting the upper floors of your home (if it has them) is abhorrent to anyone who values freedom of movement and the ability to have physical access to all the rooms in the home wherever they may be.

Problem Solved

The stairlift solves the problem that thwarted many elderly, infirm, injured and handicapped folks from getting up onto their home’s upper floors by making the task a simple, comfortable and dignified affair.

Simple to Use

The stair chair lift is easy for just about anyone to use as it merely entails sitting on the seat and operating the device with a simple lever to go up or down. There are no complex maneuvers to make and the whole process is over within a few short moments.

Comfortable to Ride On

The modern stair lifts are designed to be comfortable with a padded seat and backrest with armrests and a footrest integrated into the design so its just like sitting on an easy chair that takes you up or down the stairway.

Dignified to Operate

The modern home stairlifts are operable by the user on their own so there is no need to ask for assistance except in cases of the severely physically handicapped. This gives the user not just the freedomn of their own home, but they can get around without the constant need for a helper or the need to disturb any other family member in order to use it.

The domestic stair lift is a wonderful invention and a real life altering addition to any home where an occupant would otherwise have difficulty ascending or descending the stairs in safety.

Vacationing in a Wheelchair Accessible RV

When it comes around to vacation time, there are plenty of options available to a person with disabilities who wants to get away and enjoy some rest and relaxation in whatever way they want to. The vacation industry woke up to this huge market some years ago and now offers a dizzying array of vacation ideas and locations for people with physical and mental disabilities.

But what if you don’t want to go on a vacation where you’re wrapped in a safety net of cotton wool and treated like you’re a, well a disabled person!

Captain of Your Ship

One alternative is to be the captain of your own ship, at least of the road and look into the idea of taking a specially adapted RV that can cater for a number of physical disabilities and allow you to drive off to wherever you choose. There are lots of advantages to getting hold of a wheelchair accessible customized RV to take yourself and your family on vacation.

  • Freedom to choose where you go and for how long
  • Freedom to stop over anywhere you like and not be restricted by an itinerary
  • Fully accessible by wheelchair users including a wheelchair lift
  • Buy if you can afford it or get a more economical rental
  • Pick up and drop off at the location you choose

If these seem like a good deal to you, that’s because it is a good deal. That’s if you like the freedom of the road and being able to choose where you head off to and how long you take getting there, staying there and getting back.

Renting is an Option

You can save money by renting a handicap RV and it makes things much more flexible about where you pick the RV up and drop it off again later. There are rental companies that make the process real easy for you and that’s a great bonus when all you need the vehicle for is twp weeks or so depending on how long your vacation is.

The great thing about a rental is that when you’re done using it, you hand back the keys and don’t have any further issues with the vehicle. Things like storing it while it’s not being used and maintaining it for the whole year can be a headache especially if you don’t have sufficient space to garage it off-road and out of sight of your neighbors, some of whom might not take too kindly to seeing an extra large vehicle parked in their line of sight.

When you can simply let the rental company take care of storage and maintenance, it’s worth the cost of hiring for just the time you’re using it to not have any other worries once it’s been handed back. Sure it’ll cost a premium to take it on the open road at your leisure when you want it, but it’s a small price to pay for the enjoyment you’ll experience and the joy of returning it once your vacation is over.

It’s a great alternative to the safer, more homogenized and less exciting vacation options where you have to be where and do what your told! If that’s your thing then fine. But if you want more freedom, more excitement and more control over where you go, a wheelchair accessible RV can give it to you.

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