Handicap and Accessibility

Welcome to Handicap and Accessibility, a site that is intended as an informational and resource rich aid for people with disabilities who may need assistance in one of many aspects in this area.

wheelchair userWe will be providing a collection of informative and interesting articles based around a lot of different needs and requirements for wheelchair users, people with limited mobility or those with disabilities that may exclude them from areas which able bodied people take for granted.

Information is an important thing to possess especially when it relates to a person's personal circumstances.

Learning as much about the many ways of living as normal a life as possible despite disabilities can greatly help a person to know more about themselves and their personal situation.

Continued Research

While we can't possibly know everything there is to know about this subject, we are furthering our researches into the many needs of people who may not be able to use everyday objects or circumstances.

These include things such as steps, irregular terrain, narrow passages or entrances, regular automobiles public transport not specially adapted for the needs of people with disabilities etc.

As much information as we can unearth will find its way in here at some point. So if you don't see what you'd like to at any time, please leave a comment in the most recent post and we'll do our best to include in in a future published article.

We're Here to Help

We hope this site provides the information that you are searching for, or at least if it does not it can point you in the right direction of a site that can.

We'll be adding resources and also specialized merchandise in separate pages here at this site as we discover them and find them to be of use to some people. Thanks for visiting and we hope to be able to bring you more very soon.

Wheelchair Accessibility Doorways & Flooring

Below is a short video explaining wheelchair access in the home regarding doorways and flooring:

For more information about accessibility for people with disabilities, please visit the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website.